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 President Obama at Vendors Fair in Burma

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This month, the sheer immensity of devastation in southern Burma and Sichuan, China—on the heels of the flooding in Merelani, Tanzania—gives us pause.


 The Rich Gems Jewellery Show

The Rich Gems Jewellery Show, Myanmar (Burma)


● Over 3,000 lots of gems sold at Myanmar gems show
A total of 3,652 lots of jade, gems and pearls have been sold at a 13-day annual Myanmar gems exposition held in Yangon on the basis of competitive biddin....

● Myanmar striving for foothold in international gem market
Myanmar has called on gem entrepreneurs in the country to produce quality gem products through advanced methods to gain foothold in both international and domestic markets. Mee....


 The 43rd Myanma Gems Emporium

Quality golden pearls produced from Myanmar to be displayed at the emporium.
YANGON, 15 March — Gems and jade products, ornaments, jade figurines, private shops, and mosaics to be sold at fixed price on the ground floor, imperial jade, commercial jade, utility jade, and uncut jade stones at the environs of the hall, and gems lots and pearl lots to be sold through competitive bidding system, as per the press release from the organizers. According to the Deputy Minister Myint Thein, the quality jade, gems and pearl lots will be sold through tender and auction systems at the 43rd Myanma Gems Emporium this year. . .


 The 40th Annual Myanmar Gems Emporium

Over the Burmese border, last month saw the 40th Annual Myanmar Gems Emporium being held in the Rangoon, another notable gem trading capital. The 8-day emporium ran smoothly and ended on March 23rd 2007. The event fetched a total of just over USD23 million from 618 buyers doing business with 235 gemstone companies from China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The numbers were down 24.1% when compared to last year's mid-year emporium held in November 2002, which netted a total of USD30.71 million. The Emporium showcases Burmese production of high quality ruby, spinel, pearl, and other gems, from the three main gem mining areas: the famed Mogok Valley in the Mandalay division, Mong Shu in Shan state and Phakant in Kachin state.

Myanmar Gems

Myanmar Hip-hop singer Ye Lay

Hip-hop singer Ye Lay

‘ I just wear a platinum chain ’
Myanmar Gems
Myanmar Gems

Myanmar Vocalist Alex

Vocalist Alex

‘ In my eyes, a woman looks more gorgeous with diamonds. ’
Myanmar Gems
Myanmar Gems

Myanmar Vocalist Moh Moh

Vocalist Moh Moh

‘ I usually wear a small bracelet made from diamonds ’
Myanmar Gems
Myanmar Gems Myanmar Gems
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Myanmar Gems

Myanmar Gems
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